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How it impacted the third world nations?

Racism is perceived to be one of the world’s oldest form of discrimination that mankind had witnessed this since the day if its inception. For ages, it had been eroding our society one way or the other. Different nations over the years had witnessed different forms of racism be it ‘racial profiling’, ‘White supremacy’ ‘Uneven distribution of power between police and citizen’, and many more, that had impacted societies severely, instigated wars, and claimed millions of lives.

Book review

A brief discussion on ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka

The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is considered one of the best allegoric novels of all time. Where the writer through his writing explored the derivation and nuance of human emotions and how it changes with changing circumstances. Through deciphering, Kafka can prove to be really troublesome even for elite psychoanalysts, but from what I understood is through this story Kafka blatantly expressed how a family responds to one of its family members who bears the burden of responsibility of his family, on failing to that how it isolates and alienates him, and most importantly how it responds eventually to its sacrifice in a metaphorical way.

renewable energy 

It's impact upon the environment and planet.

With this ever-accretive growth of population is leading to more demand and consumption of energy resulting in more usage of fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil. And burning those fuels are contributing substantially to streamlining global warming and other problems associated with it. Even after such humungous consumption of energy still  approximately 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity and about 1.1 billion are without water supply. Therefore, if we think of bridging the gap using conventional fuel resources then the subversion it might hurl upon the environment will simply be intractable. And renewable energy resources not only have the potential to quench the demand but also will protect the environment, and provide energy security. But all kids of renewable energy technologies are not suitable for all the locations and there are some associated trifling effects on the environment as well that they bring with them for example variation of output due to seasonal changes which is pretty common for almost all alternative energy sources especially in case ‘Wind energy’. This paper identifies those alternative energy sources has upon the environment and planet and discusses about it.   

Sustainable development  in mobile phones

A detailed analysis. 

In this modern era of speed and dynamicity mobile phones hold an important aspect. It has become such an integral part of our system that we simply can’t fathom of inching a single step towards any direction for the very reason that it not only makes our lives easier but it saves time. But for a layman, the result of such advancements of technology is leading an easy, healthy life. And perhaps this is the only reason we always look forward to new inventions or advancement of such sort. And while reaching the summit of advancement if we end up subverting the environment in any way then such an advancement becomes a lose lose deal both ends be it mankind or nature. For the very reason that in order to attain our advancement goals we are corroding the life span of the whole mankind itself. And mobile phones and its phenomenal progress in development are perhaps an advancement of such sort. Therefore, this repot dwells upon the aspects on how cell phones are hampering our mother nature and would look for the possible ways to make the product more sustainable for nature.

Causes of Desertification

A detailed outline and essay.

Greenery, our oldest brethren, something our life has been saturated with since day one, something that holds an immeasurable amount of value to our existence, unfortunately, is on the verge of extinction. The amount of greenery is decreasing day by day on our planet earth, resulting in incessant desertification all-round the globe.

There are some serious factors that are causing or sometimes aggravating the cause of this exacerbating desertification. Modern-day environmentalists have categorized these caused in precisely three categories to entrench the reasons for desertification.

Play Script Gender pay gap

Scene and dialogues. 

It was 4:30 pm, Saturday. An afternoon saturated with lassitude. Three friends were discerning the sun setting gradually behind the horizon through their window. Dhanush fetched the chair and straddled it, Abhishek took up his guitar while sitting on the sofa, and Pavan was about to take his first sip of chocolate milkshake, the phone rang. It was Dhanush's. Akanksha his girlfriend called. With her immense exuberance of fear and tension, she informed that she along with some of her colleagues might get suspended from her newly joined Startup Company as they had asserted against the management because of the disparity in the disbursement of wages between male and female employees of the very company. With an annoyed face, Dhanush gave this information to his friends and they started discussing the matter.

Waste Management Policies in the UAE

A concurrent analysis.



Pollution and its Impacts

A concurrent analysis




How it impacted different sectors of our lives



Social media and email marketing strategies

Similarities and Differences



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